Sell a Pair of Sneakers

Looking to Pawn or Sell your Sneakers in NYC, you've found the right place. We buy Brand New Sneakers and pay cash!

Entire Sneaker Collections

Selling your Sneaker Collection at a Pawnshop in Queens couldn't be any easier. Call to setup an appointment today or Learn more.

Designer Sneakers

We buy all types of Designer Sneakers, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Maison Margiela, Salvatore Ferragamo, and more!

Selling in the Big Apple made Safe and Simple

We took a complicated online sneaker selling process riddled with transaction fees, ebay fees, paypal fees, and made it safe and simple. Whether you have Jordans that have been sitting in your closet for decades or Yeezys that you copped from the latest drop, you've come to the right place.

Bring your sneakers into our Queens location located conviently in Richmond Hill. We will authenticate the sneakers, confirm and review the condition, look up the market value, and provide you with a generous offer. Once you decide to accept the offer you will then be asked for your ID card. We will process the paperwork and have you on your way. Our payments are made out through either cash or check depending on amount and availablity.

If you have any questions feel free check out our FAQ, Send us TEXT Message, or visit our location.

Reviews & Testimonials

"Good businessman honest, fast service direct, straight to the point. Came down from Bridgeport, Ct and sold my collection of yeezys gave me a great price and i will be back again thank you." - Eric Green

"Dropped by to see what there consignment was about, found out that these guys are straight shooters... definitely recommend these guys if you’re selling or buying! Shout out to my Guy Meyer" - Ray Chacko

"Came from a Staten Island to sell my true blue 3s, altitude 13s and 2012 red foam ones. Good price and good service" - Devin McClellan

"Great selection of exclusive Jordans and Nikes. Good customer service and I love that it's right on Wall Street" - Yurel H. Cooke

"Went here for the first time, called in advance and they gave me a estimate. The customer service was great simple and fast and the payout is fair as opposed to other sneaker shops in New York. Will definitely return sold blue tint tint yeezy 350" - Isaiah Feaster

"I was looking online for places that buy used sneakers and found sneaker buyers. Was very impressed to learn that there was a pawn shop in richmond hill. Sold them my Retro Jordans and got a fair price. Thanks Meyer!" - Zabiel

"I live all the way out in the Bronx and don't have a sneaker pawn shop near me. Traveling to Queens was quick and easy. Thanks for buying my collection, be sure to check them out" - Oscar Gonzalez